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We all have that one thing that tears us apart from the inside, either physical, spiritual, or mental; the feeling inside that festers until one thing leads to another, we reach the end of our rope and we panic. We search for some sort of answer, a solution, a cure for this feeling. Everyone goes about this in different ways, some search for purpose. Some take whatever talent they have and share it with the world as to pass on some sort of legacy.

That's all that anyone really wants, right? When the curtain closes someone to remember their name? Whether that be in flashing lights, in a melody or tune, in a painting, a picture, a memory. Maybe not intentionally but when you really break it down that's why anyone does anything. For the sheer fact of knowing they did something. Drive, purpose, does it really mean all that much?

Riddle me this, how many names of people do you know that truly changed the world. How much of that was because you learned it in some way or some form from someone else.

Now, truly think about this. Every thought you've ever had, even this one I'm saying right now, is unoriginal. It's been pondered before, its worked its way onto a pen or tounge and shared before you were even thought of.

So, If nothing we ever do or say never truly matters then what are we doing with ourselves? Where is the definitive line between life and death besides the six feet in dirt that we've posed as tradition to try and hold on to the memories of those lost.

What I'm trying to say is, babysteps. Live for the small accomplishments. You probably won't change the world, but that's okay, you don't have to. But, if everyone strives for greatness, we can spread this like wildfire.

As one, we make no difference. As a whole, we are the future.

We're all the same..
As a whole
There's a hole..

And I'm still trying to come up with some sort of resolution, and i just cant seem to make it all come together

I'm sorry.


from Other Masquerades / Blisshead, released October 7, 2015



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Blisshead Grand Rapids, Michigan

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